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I opened my eyes,
But I missed so much that I needed to see,
I closed my mouth when I should have kept it open,
I had so much to say.

I stood still,
As every nerve in me screamed for me to move,
I ignored every instinct,
Even though they were the only things I had to follow.

I did nothing,
When there was so much I could have done,
But I stay silent still,
Because not every secret is meant to be told.
Today I got to attend a young women's workshop supporting 'A Week Without Violence'. I suprised myself and really enjoyed it. The speakers were amazing and the stories so powerful they almost (or did) bring tears to your eyes. One of the things they talked a lot about was how many people just stand by and watch violence, hate, racism, and so much more go on. In one of the speakers stories she told us that she had been upducted from the parking lot of the Credit Union (a bank) and that there had been people around. No one thought to even write down a liscence plate, or to call the police. She was screaming, fighting, the man even had a knife to her throat, but no one took the time. That took the breath out of my lungs to think that people could have that much disregard for another persons saftey.

But it got me thinking, so you got a really sucky poem! I hope you enjoyed it. And do me a favour, DON'T be the one who stands by. <3
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Tusaecia Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006
Gorgeous in every way. Can't say more, it stole my words.
Xakward--silenceX Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006
Thank-you for the beautiful comment.
lady-mon Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2006
'I opened my eyes,
But I missed so much that I needed to see...'

love this two lines! because every morning...every single day..i close and then open after a while my eyes..and hope..oh yes i hope.. for 'it' to be there...

great poem..i really like it..
Xakward--silenceX Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2006
Thank-you, I'm glad that's so.
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